Real friend or cheerleader? Which one are you?

I’ve always wondered what would make a woman let her so-called best friend leave the house looking a bit off. Do you tell your friend if her make-up is wrong? Do you tell her if her outfit doesn’t quite fit? Do you tell her how you truly feel about her no-good man?
These are all questions that come into play when trying to decipher the real friends from the fake friends. Being a true friend consists of always telling your friend the truth no matter how much it hurts or stings, always supporting that friend in their endeavors, and being there as much as you truly can. I think our perception of what friendship is became distorted years and years ago. I know we all want to hear the positive, but what about the negative? Since when does being a real friend constitute you lying through your teeth knowing full well you shouldn’t be. Friends are there to give us that little dose of reality that we all need to be smacked in the face with every now & again. But some of us take the cold, hard truth personal. We should be able to hear that “constructive criticism” and evaluate our actions & situation with the advice given. Am I wrong?


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