What’s wrong with our women?

I am all for the “strong, independent woman” movement, but I think it’s gone a little too far. Some women are turning our men completely off with these attitudes they have no reason possessing. I understand if you’ve been hurt in previous situations or relationships, but can you honestly let your past hurts define the rest of your life? Do you have to wake up bitter or with a chip on your shoulder every single day? The answer is no, and if that behavior continues, you’ll find yourself 57 years old with a house full of feline friends.
Why are you so wrapped up in the fact that he doesn’t have the new pair of overpriced sneakers, a car, or a house? Ladies, humble yourselves because that public assistance apartment & generic pair of Christian Loubitons doesn’t make you a “bad bitch” or whatever you refer to yourselves as nowadays. You attract who you are, so next time a young gentleman approaches you, humble yourself, because the type of behavior this generation’s 14-45 year old girls & women convey is not acceptable, nor is it cute. You’re worried about if he can change oil or cut the yard, but can you cook? He deserves much more than Taco Bell & Ramen Noodles. Learn how to clean the house. There’s no reason your man/husband should come home to an unclean house.
The number one complaint I hear about men is: “he doesn’t have a job”! Do you know his story? Have you asked? Probably not! Because if he’s not buying you & your classless friends drinks, you consider him broke. These men are scarred. They are broken! They are hurt because 30 years ago, we supported our men, we complimented them, we struggled with them, we assisted them in reaching their goals, we trusted them, we VALUED them.
It will not make you a weakling to actually sit down, zip your lips, and let that man take charge.


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