Boys Who Will Always Be Boys!

We all hope our sons will grow up to be great, accomplished men, but in this day & age, that is not the case. Instead of graduating high school & going off to college, they remain in their “hood” and deal drugs, gangbang, etc. Instead of marrying the young women they lie down with, they’re spreading their seed & having 7 kids by 7 different women. They are thousands behind in child support & refuse to seek employment.
Do we as mothers & fathers take responsibility? Have we given up on our sons? No! We can only raise them, what happens after that is their responsibility. The phrase: “it starts at home” has some truth to it. But what do you do when you’ve done all you’ve possibly could? Who do you turn to when you’ve worked multiple jobs, sent them to the best schools, clothed & fed them?
I have no answer. But what I do know is, something has to give. Why are our sons wanting to stay & “represent their hoods”, what has the hood done for them besides drug addiction or a jail sentence?
Why aren’t our sons taking care of their kids? What could possibly be more important than spending that quality time with your children. Money can’t raise children. They tend to attend the clubs more than they visit their children.
What happened to courting a woman? Nowadays, its all about having sex or chasing the woman who has the most ample behind only to find out she has no goals & nothing else to offer. The priorities of our young men are completely off because the goal of courting or dating a woman is supposed to be marriage. If marriage isn’t the ultimate goal, then why are you leading her on? 
So-called men, grow up! Make us proud! Do great things! Follow your dreams! Take care of your families!



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