Does Unconditional Love Truly Exist?

Do we really love unconditionally? I mean honestly folks… If his bank account isn’t overflowing with funds or she refuses to perform fellatio, do we really love them without condition? Maybe 40 years ago, but these days, we’re always attempting to change something about the person we’re involved with. Back in the day, when our men were cheating on the other side of town with some “Jezebel”, we shook it off & hoped he’d ended it, but we did stick by our man. I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do, but all was forgiven & that lovely couple stayed married for 50+ years. There is ups & downs in every single relationship, if there isn’t, someone is lying! But are we walking away from a good thing too soon because we are loving with condition? Are we falling in love with an illusion of colors instead of true colors? Because it seems as if once the “cupcake” phase of the relationship ends, that’s when all hell begins. No I’m not implying you take him or her back after they have committed the ultimate relationship crime (cheating), but I am saying I’ve witnessed people walk away from great relationships over petty arguments, money, little white lies, etc. We don’t talk or compromise anymore, we’re just ready to cut that person off at the first sign of hardship within the relationship. There is no way we can maintain a healthy, committed relationship without issues, compromise, & unconditional love. Accept people for exactly who they are because I guarantee you there’s someone out there willing to love you for you, flaws & all. Unconditionally!


One thought on “Does Unconditional Love Truly Exist?

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I understand your point and believe that society sends the message that once someone makes a mistake we are foolish to stay with them. When in reality we are all human and are going to make mistakes every now and then. Continually making the same mistake and not showing any type of growth is what gives me the red flag that it time to leave.

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