Why We Love These Miserable Relationships…

We all at one time or another have wanted to be in love. We have wanted to find that one, our soul mate. Then we meet someone, everything seems wonderful. Y’all are getting along, sending cute texts, can’t live without each other, etc.. Then, one of those individual gets caught doing the unthinkable, cheating. That cheating has you sitting around wondering how or why that person could ever do such a thing to you. It has you doubting yourself, feeling insecure, hurting, and most of all you are feeling stupid. So, why would this person do this to you after you’ve given them your all, shown them the moon & the stars, and laid it all on the line? Its quite simple. Because they wanted to. You can’t “make a mistake” & cheat & if you accept that lame excuse, you should be cheated on! I know we all make mistakes but don’t sit around & be dogged because you’re afraid of being alone. Its not worth your time. I’ve seen men & women stay in the most miserable, toxic relationships for years,  just to say they have someone or not have to sleep alone most nights. Its definitely our prerogative to do as we please, but how many years of your life will you spend crying over STDs, him or her not coming home, or them disrespecting you in front of the kids? What are we teaching our kids? We’re teaching them to settle for that piece of a relationship because we’re too lazy to date, put his or her sorry butt out, or move on. Our children are watching & absorbing more than we think, the least we can do is teach them not to take any shit, no matter what form it comes in.


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