Can’t Turn A H** Into A Housewife! So that means you can’t turn a hoe into a husband either!!!! So WRONG!

I get so tired of hearing men preach about how a woman has slept around when his body count is in the 200s. I understand that we as women must govern ourselves accordingly. It was implanted in us to be classy, submit, and keep our legs closed. What about the single woman who just wants to have good, clean fun? It’s acceptable for a single man to penetrate anything with a hole, but for a woman to conquer several male conquests, she’s automatically considered a “hoe” or the word I despise so much a “thot”! So what do we call the promiscuous men??????! Another thing I’m confused about is how a man will walk away from a good woman with a past. We all have a past. We have all done things that we’re not so proud of. That’s what happens when you are a teenager, you rebel, you act out, you “f#ck off”.

How can you judge a woman by her past when you never even knew your father? So what does that make your mother?

Don’t call a woman anything you wouldn’t want a man to call your sister or your mother!

Everyone has the ability to change! Don’t judge people by their pasts, they don’t live there anymore!