Why are you so content with being the side chic?

Somewhere along the way, women got lost. Why are we so quick to become the side chic and be proud of it? We bask in the glory of being the other woman. Is this our main relationship goal? We use the excuse that he’s not happy at home, but is that your household to fix? If that were the case he would’ve married you. Most times these men paint a picture of their wives that is very untrue. They tell you how trifling, bitchy, unclean, and inattentive their wives are so that you may feel sorry for them and try to give them what their wife isn’t giving them. It’s all fun & games until you speak with the wife & she thought her home was perfectly fine or you find out you’re not the first side chic he’s had & probably won’t be the last. There’s something very wrong with a woman that thinks its okay to be a sidechic. You can’t step into anyone’s marriage whether it’s raggedy or not. And even if he decides to leave his wife for you, you have to remember that nothing good ever becomes of a tragedy. You can’t wreck something and expect that something to create happiness in your world. It will be torn apart one way or the other!